Mount Power Supply Board to Protoboard


Whats the best way to mount a small power supply module to a simple prototyping board?

The power supply:

The board: Prototyping Board 120x80mm

I also need to mount it in a box, and I believe I should use standoffs. Is this correct?

Also could anyone recommended a good box?


Yes, standoffs are your answer. You'll need to drill out holes in the protoboard for them, but it should be fairly easy.

You can get standoffs from the typical hobby stores (Sparkfun, Adafruit...), typical electronics stores (Digikey, Mouser, Newark, the shack), or hardware suppliers like MSC Direct and Grainger. This last option is unique to hardware and often means you can get the exact part you need at a local outlet depending on where you live.

You can also get nylon standoffs if there is any danger of a short.

Check the hobby stores for a suitable enclosure. There are so many different kinds it is hard to give any general recommendations. For industrial prototyping a five sided sheet steel box is often used. They come in some standard sizes and have flanges to mount a face plate. The downside of this is that any holes have to be made in sheet steel (not fun without the right tools).

Thanks jrooda, I'll follow your advice and finish my project! also carries a bunch of spacers
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and standoffs.
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I started purchasing bags in different sizes after cleaning out my local hardware store and their Fastenal parts bins. (not the big guys like Home Depot, Lowes, they only have larger sizes)

Thanks for the advice CrossRoads. I'll take a look at them.