Mounting 5-way switch in an enclosure

I am building my first enclosure for a project and I have these five way switches which I am having trouble with. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix these to a metal box? Or somewhere I can get a similar product that is simpler to mount?

The image is not very detailed, there are different ways of doing this.

  1. If the round part beneath the (rotating) squarish part has a thread then you can stick that through a hole in the front plate of the metal box and fix it with a (slim) nut.

  2. Mount the switch on a piece of PCB and mount that with distance bolts to your front plate.

attach it to a PCB, make the PCB large enough to have mounting holes.

they maker ABCDEF switches, inside of boxes for db9 cables. might be an easier starting point, but much larger.

I would use a much beefier switch, or maybe, gut a potentiometer with a 1/4" shaft and threaded face, and mount this behind.

Thanks for the help.

The round part doesn't have a thread and it doesn't rotate. The round part and the square part both move in four directions and can be pressed down like a normal switch.

It needs to be small, so I guess I'll do the PCB thing.