Mounting holes and USB socket

I'm one of those weird people who like to bolt Arduinos down on a baseplate, sometimes in a box. Trouble is, if you feed M2.5 nylon bolts through the mounting holes it is impossible to get nuts on the end of all four bolts because there isn't enough clearance around the holes. The board ends up flopping around especially if shields are mounted on top. Could we have a bit more clearance around the holes even if it means making the board a bit larger?

Also, the USB socket is a bit big. If you stick a shield on top (such as the Gameduino) it actually touches the underside of the Gameduino's 15-pin D connector which means the two boards don't fully mate. If a mini USB socket were used this problem wouldn't arise.

What do the rest of you think?

I think you should look at other boards that will do what you want.
There are plenty of choices.

I think you need to look at SeeedStudio's offerings:

(whether their boards will cure your mounting issue is another thing - but they do use mini-usb)