Mounting IMU on single wheel robot

Any suggestions on where to mount the imu on a single wheel robot?

On a two wheeled bot the best place is between the axles so as to minimize the fore and aft movement when tipping. However "between the axles" on a single wheel robot is effectively under the wheel and on top of of the floor.

Did a lot of searching but never really came up with much.

I would say on top, but without seeing the chassis it would just be a guess :)

Put it at the balancing point, about 1/3rd of the way down if the mass is evenly distributed. The gyro will behave well enough wherever it is so it ought not to make much difference in practice.

Probably depends on how your single wheel bot is built.

I've always been under the assumption that the gyro/acc should be mounted at the point where there is rotation only. Perhaps that is incorrect. On a two wheeled bot it certainly works best between the axles, or the center of rotation.

The plan is a single wheel, chassis goes up, kinetic wheel above the single drive wheel.

The robots balancing on a ball seem to experience no ill effects with the acc/gyro not in the center of rotation, so maybe i worry needlessly.

You get most useful information from the accelerometer if its at the centre of rotation, but gyro's only sense rotation and are pretty immune to anything else, so if you are only interested in the gyro positioning isn't so critical. All the fast balancing feedback is gyro-based note.