Mounting LCD tips

Hi all,

I’m working on creating a display readout for a sailboat, where a small LCD display shows fuel status, engine temperature, etc. The steering wheel is very similar to:

I’d like to mount the display to the railing (the upside down “U” shape at the top). The arduino and brains will be elsewhere inside the boat to protect them, so it’s just an LCD that I’d mount. Because of the inclement conditions (water spray mostly) on a boat, I’m thinking I’ll have the wires end in a connector of some sort. When I want to use it, I can snap the display into the connector and then disconnect it and store it away when we’re not using it. Any suggestions on:

  1. How to make the LCD at least splash resistant? It’s not going to get submerged (hopefully!), but it will receive the occasional spray of water.
  2. Connectors to use that are easy to connect/disconnect? I’ll probably mount it separately (i.e. so it’s not the electrical connector that’s the primary method of mounting). I haven’t nailed down the LCD yet but my guess is some sort of 16x4 so roughly 12 wires (unless I go with an I2C version).


You can buy an enclosure that is water tight, drill an LCD window and seal it against water. You should use a serial LCD to reduce the number of wires and the chances to catch noise.

So maybe IP54 rated enclosures against water spraying and dusts. You can also buy IP54 cables and grips.

For water resistance, put it in a project box with a clear lexan lid. Then you can either glue the LCD to the back side of the Lexan, or mount it with screws and waterproof them. If you want to waterproof the wires as well, you can snake them through a section of PVC tubeing (you can get flexible clear tube in 15' lengths for less than $10). You could screw a pvc connector into the project box to make the whole thing water-resistant.

A few weeks ago, somebody was asking for waterproof enclosure boxes, and I imagine these could be used just for the display as well, depending on the size (or mount the entire unit in the box). I haven't bought this myself yet, but I've marked it down for the future:

Great ideas and feedback, thank you all! I'll do some research on the links you provided!

Hi, Info and example code for 4 x 20 Char display here:

This uses only 4 wires: +5V, GND and 2 signal. You could use one of various weatherproof 4-pin connectors, or even the weatherproof USB connectors that exist. If you wire the 4 USB pins for normal +5 and Ground, you could charge your cellphone etc. when display is not in use...

If it's SALT water, seal that case REAL well....