mounting switches in a project box

Hi all,

I found some perfect rocker switches for a project I’m working on. They look like this:

Does anyone have an idea about how to cleanly mount this in a project box? The black surface can’t be pulled off and snapped in from the other side, and it’s also wider than the rest of the switch. I’d really like to hide the metal tabs on the inside of the box…maybe with superglue and some reinforcement?

Can’t you cut a rectangular hole and drill two small holes matching the screw holes in the metal tabs. So just the rocker thingie will come through the rfontpanel. The metal tabs stay on the rear side.

thats what i did with similar looking switches.

Yeah, just cut a rectangular hole and pass the rocker through from the inside. It look like the switch is meant to be recessed, anyway.

I predict after drilling a few square holes, you will develop a fondness for toggle switches. (: