Mounting uv sensor outside

Well I've searched for quite a bit and haven't come up with a definitive answer so does anyone know what to use as a cover for a uv sensor (to keep it out of the weather)? I know clear glass is no good so what other options do I have?

I also have a lux sensor I need to mount and keep dry, what are the options for that?

Quartz glass is normally used for this. But that may be hard to obtain. If you google for “uv permeable plastic” you will get some results that lead you further

Yea I knew about the Quartz, but the price of that stuff is just stupidly high. I also see a lot of problems with plastics, they either have uv stabilizers that scatter the light, or no stabilizer that causes it to break down in a short period of time (so they don't hang around for hundreds of years in landfills). I'll keep looking for the quartz, I may get lucky. Thanks!

Also if anyone else knows of a solution please let me know.

After searching online for days, I found most uv clear quartz windows range into the thousands of dollars due to they are used primarily for the scientific community. There were a few companies that had small ones in the 6 dollar range, but you had to have a $50.00 minimum order.

As I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do, I remembered something. Old eproms have a uv clear window on them (needed to erase the chip with uv light). So, for the price of a old nonworking eprom, the window of which is the right size I have my uv window. Well I will once I figure out how to remove the window without breaking it. Those chips are pretty solid but the look like they are 2 slabs of ceramic glued together in the middle so I'll probably start trying to separate them there.

At any rate this is to people who have uv sensors and need them to go outside. I hope this will save you days of headaches trying to find one :slight_smile: