Mouse.h and keyboard.h ChromeOS Can't use the @

When I use both mouse.h and keyboard.h to enter the email account to enroll the Chromebook, it will not put the @ in for the email. Is there another way to move the mouse without an external mouse by not using mouse.h?

Need some help:)



It will but only if you use the US American keyboard layout. If you use another layout you may have to adapt the table in Keyboard.cpp.

I don't understand the question. Do you ask for a replacement of Mouse.h? If yes, please explain what the problem with Mouse.h is.

Thanks for asking.
The problem is that I use both mouse.h and keyboard.h at the same time, it misses up some of the special characters that the keyboard prints out.

My keyboard cannot print anything it just sends some keystroke to the computer which then reacts in a programmed way. Does your sentence mean that Keyboard.h doesn't work if you also use Mouse.h? You should start by exactly describing the problem you have, including code, examples and so on.

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