Can Project like 3D logictech space mouse can be designed using arduino ???

What features does a "3D logictech space mouse" have that you want to implement with an Arduino?

Have you studied the mouse functions in the Reference pages


An arduino with native USB (Micro, Leonardo, Due, or Zero) can act as a standard HID mouse using the mouse library.

I can't find any product called a space mouse from logitech, so I can't say whether that's a standard HID mouse or something weird.

Basically 3D space Mouse Does function like pan,tilt,rotate of 2d object

I am interested to do that but i don't have idea about choosing components

this is the space mouse ..I wish to design that using accelerometer is it possible??

An accelerometer is not required for such a mouse, most probably it won't work. Look for digital 3D joystick modules, which can be used for the mouse knob. Or build one yourself, which has contacts for linear moves (X, Y, Z) and for rotation (Z only).

Is 3 axis accelerometer+ gyro module such as mpu6050 or adxl335 supports for such functionality

Then go on, if you are sure :slight_smile:

Will arduino really be helpful to do such project??

Why not? Search for Arduino+MPU6050

what arduino should i purchase??

It can read the data after that how can I check that work with software like creo,catia,etc..