found a link i wanted to implement something similar with an ir array SUGGESTIONS ! please :)

i wanted to use an arduino and affix a ir led array to the right side of the key board to detect the place of a finger

i remember this project by Grumpy_mike i dont want sensors on both sides i just want them on one side of the key-board This is my idea have the no of sensor blocked to knoe the vertical position and distance reading ( analog value ) to detect the horizontal position

You will discover why they rejected that method.

:-? :-? ? WHY SO

ok what about the distance measuring ir part ? if i filter the ir, i mean assuming very little noise ? what are the chances ? any way for this project what can be a tolerable error ?

this is my idea

well i drew that image in paint and i dont understand how to make it apppear bigger use the zoom in the browser ;)

3) It provides no Z-axis measurement at all.

i m ay sound stupid but why do i require Z Axis ? the screen is two dimensional and i am using a two dimensoinal plane i never wanted to do anything in the air

yeah But for the moment i am rather intrested in tracking the movement of the hand in the given 2-D plane then ill think of the mouse click for now i just want to move the pointer ::) ( though it dosent make sense Just want to try it out ;) )

though it dosent make sense Just want to try it out

In that case, go for it.

but maybe you will get lucky.

hope so ;)

In that case, go for it.

DOin the same ;)

anyways any idea for a code to make a mouse move with a array from arduino ? :)

2) You are asking about step #13 when you haven't even started step #1. If you get to the point where you can get a good resolution position from your experiment, then we will help you translate that into mouse movement.

Sorry might be o was a bit over exited ;) :-X until i am done with building the thingy ::)