Mouser product "Pressure" sensor voltage and the Arduino board?

Hi. I’m new to building circuits, so please pardon me in advance if this is a dumb question. I’d like to have the chip at the following URL work with the Arduino board.

Page 3 of this PDF says in has (or needs) a voltage of 10 with a max of 16. The Arduino board has a 5v output.

Does anyone have suggestions on how this chip might work with the Arduino board? Or, if not, can you suggest another approach?

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That one needs a high supply voltage (10volt), and is not amplified (40mV span). It needs supporting circuitry (instrumentation opamp, etc.). The same sensors are also available for a 5volt supply, with inbuild instrumentation amp. They have a ratiometric output voltage between ~0.3 and 4.7volt, that can be read directly by the Arduino. I think the part number of that series starts with a "5" (MPX5xxxx). Leo..

Hi Leo,

Great tip.

I looked at the 5 volt sensor (MPX5050GP) and they measure a pressure of 0 to 50 kPa. My application requires 0 to 100 kPa. The chip I've been looking at measures 0 to 200 kPa.

If I took three 3.3 volt coin batteries and taped them together with a positive and negative (ground) lead coming out of the top and the bottom, would this give me the 10 volts I need for this sensor? I'd plug the other ends of the positive and negative leads directly into the breadboard. I'm not looking for something industrial strength initially... I'm more into a proof of concept activity. Assuming this would work at all, what's the downside to doing this?

Thank you, Ed

There are a lot of those sensors with inbuild amp. Google "MPX5100". Make sure you get the right one (gauge, absolute, differential).

The sensor you linked to (2202) outputs 40mV between the two pins. That can't be read directly with an Arduino A/D. That 2202 sensor does not work without amplifier. You need something like an INA125 instrumentation amp with voltage reference, and a 12-15volt supply for this sensor. Leo..

Thank you again Leo. I found a 0 to 100 kPa 5 volt gauge pressure sensor on and will try this chip out for my application. Very much appreciated. - Ed