move a win32 library to arduino

Hi, folks I am working on a project to move a data acquisition and communication program from win32 (like windows XP) to a mobile platform. The library provided by the program vendor only support win32. Is there any feasibility to implement this win32 library in some arduino board. I noticed that Intel Galileo may support x86 but have not tried it before. Could anyone share his/her experience with Galileo or other board.


There is no chance to port x86 code to the arduino, processors are just too different. The most basic x86 processor has about 100X the processing power of arduino.

If the format of the data is known then it might be possible to re-implement the program but it will be a lot of work. Without knowing the data format and speed its impossible to say.

Perhaps you might ask about Galileo on a forum dedicated to that board- maybe like this one

You need a machine with win32 installed. Eventually Linux plus Wine may work as well.