Move from UNO to mega 2600

Hi all,
I have moved boards to a mega from an UNO. I have transferred the numbered pins for my project over to the identical pins on the mega from UNO and when I compile the acceleromter sketch it hangs and says the port is in use. i have changed the board in the IDE to the mega.

Any ideas why it would do this?

Many thanks

Check the Mega pin diagram. Some of the pins are different. This may mean no more than calling pin 14 "A0" or 54 in software. If your device is I2C bus, you may need to relocate the SDA and SCL lines. You will see those points indicated in the communication section of the Mega board. The SPI bus is also different, but not necessarily a problem.

2600 - just a bump up from the more common 2560 8)

Thanks fr the advise, the pins were different, It is a 2560 not 260 oops sorry for the mistake.

Thanks anyways for the help