moved, locked topic

Can somebody explain what I have done wrong, please.

I recently joined Arduino forum and put up a video link to help people on robotics etc.

Next day my topic was shown as MOVED, Locked Topic. where has it moved to and why is it locked?

I do not wish to undermine the forum rules but I cannot find the answers in FAQ.

Thanks for any help.

Did you click on the MOVED thread title? It should take you to wherever the message has been moved. The mod who moved it may have added a message in the thread explaining why it was moved. If that doesn't find it, click on your own avatar, then click on "Show Posts" and scroll through your recent posts until you find it. I think the one you are referring to is now in Exhibition/Gallery, if so, it was moved because it looks like a demo of a finished project.


probably this - -?

or this - -

Sent in response to PM from RobotDog 20/11/2014

I wasn't aware the thread was locked in its new location (I'll check and correct if necessary). The thread was reported as being inappropriate for the "Project Guidance" section (I agree), so I moved it to the exhibition/gallery section.

Since it seems to be PIC-based, I'm not even sure the thread should be on this forum anyway.



Thank you all for clearing it up.

AWOL, it's all Arduino no PIC, I mentioned that my earlier robot "move sensor" were PIC based and I am converting those to Arduino.

Thanks once again, great site.

A post in “Project Guidance” was reported to the moderators as being inappropriate for that particular section.

The report from a respected forum member at 20-11-2014, 02:08:30 read

→ Exhibition - except that apparently this has nothing to do with arduino, yet.

(there have been 32 pages of moderation reports since then)

I moved the post to what I felt to be a more appropriate section, and the forum scripting put in an automatic redirection topic; simply clicking on the “Moved” topic takes you to the new location.

How this can be construed as “a power trip complex” (whatever that may be) is quite beyond me.

An image of mountains and mole hills springs to mind.