Moved topics disappearing?

I will keep on running it on Windows with Firefox with the settings of post #38 for about a week.

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Hopefully updating the Discourse Algolia plugin to the latest version has fixed the issue with moving topics. Let us know if you get any more reports of issues with moved topics. As always, you can contact our support team directly through the "Need help" email address that's listed on your site's admin dashboard.

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Hi @simon.cossar

I still ran the setup with partially disabled plugins last week. Started normal use this week; will let you know in about a week's time.

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Just got one disappearing

Moved it from installation troubleshooting to French forum

EDIT: and now it seems to be back on

@simon.cossar , unfortunately it did not solve the problem. I have been using the forum without disabled plugins and a topic disappeared just now., 17:40 SAST.

I will go back to disabling plugins.

another one disappearing

I got a chance to provide some input and as I was editing my answer it went missing.

EDIT: at the moment this shows like this:

possibly soon the link will be showing the real title if there is some sort of batch process?

EDIT2: now I see it there

@simon.cossar and @dax1

Using firefox in Win10

  1. NoScript and ABP extensions enabled
  2. Official Discourse plugins enabled under safe mode,

The problem showed it's face again with; apprimately 05:45 SAST.

I first added a reply, next moved the topic, went back one page (altplus<-), went forward to the moved page (altplus->) and I got the OOPS again.

I will now run for a week with the firefox extensions disabled and the official Discourse plugins enabled.

And now it’s back (link works)

I have been running the site for the last 5 days in a private window in firefox with Firefox extensions enabled and official Discourse plugins enabled disappeared after a move. Time 13:01 SAST.

Up till about a week ago, I did not experience problems while using

  2. No private window
  3. Firefox extensions enabled

I switched to about a week ago keeping other settings the same and this morning at around 06:50 SAST Error compiling Uno for NFC Reading disappered with the OOPS message (it is back now).

@dax1 and @simon.cossar

I have been running the last week with and it looked promising till a few minutes ago. I moved twice in quick succession (possibly within 10 seconds) and I got the OOPS after the second move. Roughly 21:07 SAST.

And again :frowning: Moved at 12:15 SAST. There was one reply but opening post disappeared after moving. Settings still the same as previous post.

Will now change the safe-mode settings.

And another one; can't remember which one. Safe-mode URL

Other settings the same.

@dax1, @simon.cossar

Firefox was updated to 96.0.1. Using full safe-mode, firefox extensions enabled, normal window.

The opening post of a topic (not sure which one) disappeared after moving the topic; OK so be it.

Switched to a private window, full safe mode, firefox extensions enabled. Moved another topic (Newbie: MAX7219 Problem LED's all are lit however NO TEXT) and the same happened (opening post disappeared).

Time between 08:30 and 08:40 SAST.

Just checked that link and the opening post is there.

This happens to me sometimes. I report it has gone but when anyone else checks it they say it is fine. I bet you see it fine now. I think the Firefox thing is not relevant.


I know it will come back; longest I had to wait a while ago was over 45 minutes for one of them. But something happens in the forum back-end; even if I use a different device with different provider (cell phone instead of PC) and enter the URL, I get the OOPS message.

I knew it was resolved when I posted post #54 as the URL got changed to the page title; this was not the case in e.g. post #52.