Moveing from the breadbox

So I designed a project and written the code and it all works* but then comes the interesting step of acctually makeing the project in real-life with caseing etc. If I think correctly (that does happend), I need to solder parts onto somekind of caseing with opening for electricity or batterys and mount the Arduino in it (and considering I am going for portable and small battery driven sounds good oh and a Nano), this should be the next step ,well finding what to mount it in that look cyberpunky enough as that the feeel the project wants, maybe time to try to find something in the electronic trash in the house I work at.

*= Acctually I haven't but this is more of a , I know thats where the trouble starts as the hacking code and wireing on breadboard is not much of a problem, I just need to get the next months paycheck.

Do you need the whole Arduino or would a stand-alone AVR chip with a few parts do the job?

Doing it or having it done with the much smaller surface-mount parts, you may achieve a tiny package that will fit in an enclosure maybe the size of a lighter.

But otherwise the standard to aim for is an Altoids tin or similar.