Movement controlling musical instruments?

I am fairly new to physical computing...I'm not sure if I am way out of the ball park with this question, but I was wondering if there was any way one could control a musical instrument (piano) through their movement. Not movement of the fingers, but through movement of parts of the body at a distance, through use of a sensor and an arduino board? :'( ....someone tell me if I'm way out of my league??

This is possible. The first thing that comes to mind is accelerometers. A number of people have interfaced these to the Arduino. You’d end up working a lot like a Wii remote. You could connect several accelerometers to an Arduino and send the data out over a wire or a Bluetooth connection if you had that sort of Arduino.


on the receiving end you can use a Midi piano to play the music, or if you have a spare 50K lying around, you can get one of these nice Midi grand pianos. You send it a signal, and the keys move to play the notes, including the sustain pedal! I have run these off Basic Stamp micros and Mac computers, they work like a charm.

BTW for a newbie this is a complex and expensive project…


:) Thank you so much for your help....this is definitely going to be an interestingly big project...but you guys have definitely help lead me in the right direction!!