MOVI Shield Cannot Understand the Alphabet

I need help using the MOVI Shield for the Arduino. There is not much information about the MOVI out there and I am having a lot of trouble using it for my project. I need the MOVI to understand specific letters in the alphabet and I'm realizing now that the MOVI has a hard time doing so. I have already tried changing the sentences it can understand to things like ay, bee, see so it can understand the sounds of letters better, but the MOVI just can't get it right. If someone could lend a helping hand towards this dilemma I would be eternally greatful.

I like many others here have no idea what one of those is. Can you help us by posting a link to one and say what sort of Arduino you are trying to use.

This is the MOVI Shield for Arduino.

I use this along with the Arduino Uno for my project.

BUT! Did the Arduino program provided by the company work?

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