Moving a BMP180 from Uno to Micro

I have completed a project using an Uno as a development platform and am trying to move it to a Micro for the finla build. The project has two I2C devices (an LCD display and a BMP180 sensor). They work great on the Uno, but when I move them to the Micro, the BMP is not seen by the Micro. It is wired as follows (Uno / Micro):

LCD Display BMP180
======== ======
VCC 5V 3.3V
SDA A4 / D2 A4 / D2
SCL A5 / D3 A5 / D3

When both devices are connected to the Micro, I can't communicate to either one (no I2C devices recognized). If I connect only the display, it works just fine. When I connect only the BMP180, I can't communicate to it (no I2C devices found).

I believe that I have eliminated the jumpers and the wiring. I have also double checked to make sure that I am compiling code for the proper Arduino. I suspect that the Micro simply handles I2C devices (or more specifically multiple I2C devices differently than the Uno.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Found the problem. Too many different colored jumpers. Hooked up wrong . My bad.

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