Moving Arduino Wifi Shield Components To Breadboard/PCB


I wasn't sure about which forum to post my question in but this seemed liked the best fit. I am working with an Arduino Uno and Wifi Shield and would like to move the components off their respective platforms to a PCB. I am hoping for advice regarding feasibility and approach.

While I have found plenty of information on migrating the ATMega328 chip to a breadboard/PCB ( I have not had the same success with the Wifi Shield. So far the only thing I found to go by has been the Arduino Wifi Shield hardware page ( I am using Altium and have not been able to open the reference design but took a look at the schematic ( this looks a lot more complicated than what is necessary for the ATMega328 but I am wondering if there is a simpler version since the Arduino Uno schematic provided on the site looks equally intimidating (

I've searched for a tutorial on moving the Arduino Wifi Shield parts to a PCB along with the Uno's ATMega chip but, unfortunately, I've had little luck. I would very much appreciate it if someone could direct me to any relevant literature or explain to me if this is a realistic endeavor. I am confident in my ability to migrate the microcontroller to a breadboard/PCB but the RF component of the shield and the lack of available tutorials makes me wonder if this part is too advanced.

Hope to hear from you, Yusif Nurizade

Looks like there are just 8 connections (6 signals, power, gnd) needed between Wifi shield and an arduino, and all but power are on the digital headers. I would think it not too hard to take the Wifi design and add a '328P and a couple components to it to make a combined board.


Thank you for your reply. Are you aware of any tutorials for achieving this? I found several that were readily available for the Arduino itself but nothing for the Wifi Shield. I was/am worried about the RF element and how much more thought needs to put in to the auxiliary electrical components that go with the antenna.

Hope to hear from you, Yusif Nurizade