Moving Average for 2 Channel data logger

I want to add a 5 point moving average to both channels for smoothening out data. Any suggestions on how to do it ?

 *  24 Nov 2015
 *  Code to read and display analog data from two ratiometric sensors
 *  and send to Serial port at a baudrate of 57.6K 

const int Sens00 = 0;
const int Sens01 = 1;
int Val_00 = 0;
int Val_01 = 0;
long BaudRate = 57600;
int LoopDelay = 100; 
void setup() {

  Serial.begin (BaudRate);

void loop() {

  Val_00 = analogRead(Sens00);
  Val_01 = analogRead(Sens01);

  delay (LoopDelay);

check - Arduino Playground - RunningAverage

Define a 2 D array of two rows of five entries.
Write samples for each channel.
Maintain a sum and subract the oldest entry in the buffer and add the newest.
Divide sum by five.

Robtillaart : That's exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

Grrove : That was a concise pseudo code of the process. Thanks.