Moving board cores\compilers


im having a problem moving the sam folder out of appdata arduino15 and into the program files folder.

I have to install the Arduino IDE into an environment where multiple people access a PC with roaming profiles so having the board manager download into each users appdata area is an issue, i moved the sam folder into the hardware folder and the arm-non-eabi-gcc\bossac folders into the hardware\tools folder, this seems to allow the Arduino IDE to have the Due in the list of boards but when running a check it errors stating it cant find the compiler. I then modified the platform.txt (in the sam\1.6.4 folder)to point directly to the compilers which worked ok compiling some sketches but others error stating they only work for avr\sam board types, which obviously it is a sam board type?

I'm using IDE version 1.6.5 and SAM board version 1.6.4

It all works fine when the files are in the appdata folder, so im a bit stumped on how to get it working? i did try a search but i couldn't seem to find a solution.

Thanks for any help