Moving boards in Tool menu


I hope this is the right forum for this question.

I'm using almost only the ESP8266 boards, but have a lot of other (Arduino, ESP32, ATtine etc.) boards that I sometime use as well.

Now, most of the time I switch from one ESP8266 (say ESP-01) to another (say NodeMCU). I then go to [Tools]->[Board] menu and then I'm presented with a list of almost 80 :confused: boards before the [ESP8266 Modules] come up.

Inside the ESP8266 modules I managed to re-arrange the boards, so "ESP8266 Generic" and "NodeMCU 1.0" are on top of that list :slight_smile: ... but I would really have the whole "ESP8266 Modules" as high as possible in the list.

Is that possible and if so: how and what file do I have to edit?

I'm working on MacOS, IDE version is 1.8.7

Thanks in advance!


See if this helps:

Hi rtek1000,

Thanks for your reply.

Hope I did not mis anything and make a complete fool of myself but your provided link goes to the ESP8266 fora.

So, it does not help me.

My question is not persé ESP8266 related. It is IDE related ..