moving code from mega2560 to leonardo

Hi all,
I have a code that made for mega2560 and i want to program on leonardo micro.
the only problam is with Pin Change Interrupt for A8, A9, A10

tried to find to corresponding pins on leonardo and did not find referns

what i need to change ?

here is the section in the code:

PCICR |= (1 << PCIE2); // 1. PCIE2: Pin Change Interrupt Enable K Group

PCMSK2 = 0b00000111; // Enable Pin Change Interrupt for A8, A9, A10

//Rotary encoder stuff. This will always run in the background allowing you to use the knob
//as the primary control mechanism
ISR (PCINT2_vect) {

// If interrupt is triggered by the button
if (!digitalRead(A8)) {

The Leonardo does not have pins A8, A9, or A10. These names correspond to pins on a port that the Leonardo doesn't have.

What pins do you have available?