Moving from Mega to Due


i have created two arduino projects that use the Ethernet shield for creating a web-server for user control. the system also uses EEPROM, UPD for NTP time server updating, RTC time keeping, DNS web-server resolving ect.. so far i have used the Arduino Mega for all the projects.

i wanted to know if anyone who has a Arduino Due and Ethernet shield could try loading my code found here:

and let me know if everything works, and if stuff does not work, what that would include.

i am in the process of designing a new project (have not bought any parts yet) that will use a 7 inch coldtear screen, and i saw a youtube video found here: (this is the 5 inch, but the point gets across ;) ) the URL to download the code is on the 4th post.

thanks! showing the massive difference in performance between the Due and Mega. i want to use the same web-server code, and most importantly, i want to be able to use the DNS name resolving and NTP time server code, as the project i am making is a "universal count down clock"

well... i already found issues, tried compiling the code for the Due, and get all kinds of errors, some of which i have already seen addressed here, and others i have not.

for instance, i have not seen any talk about "webserver.ino:18: fatal error: EEPROM.h: No such file or directory" ect..

i will look into this, but any other help would be appreciated.

I don't think the Duo has EEPROM memory so if your storing stuff in EEPROM you will need to find another way like SD card or a flash memory chip.

i am particularly interested in seeing if the "EthernetDNS" and and "EthernetUdp" libraries work, and obviously the "normal" Ethernet library as well.

i did some research and found external I2C EEPROM chips that should be quite easy to use, and i know the screen i want to use works with the due. the rest of the base-webserver code should work without issues.

i have massively updated by code to get it to work with the Due. the code can be found here:

it would be awesome if someone with a Due and Ethernet shield and RTC could test it.

if everything works correctly, all the EEPROM stuff will not work as it will require an external EEPROM chip, the data logging will not function (web-pages will actually be blank).

what i really want to know is if the web-pages load, and if the real time clock code works. specifically i would like to know if it displays the time correctly, and if the time can be updated correctly.