Moving the program button

Hello all, I'm very new to DIY and especially any programming and circuit building. play color switch online free

So I actually successfully made a Midi controller from a Teensy 2.0 and I want to update is so I can reprogram it without opening my enclosure. play more: dune buggy game free

Am i able to remove the program button on the teensy and solder another on but a bigger button attach to the enclosure?
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I don't know if you specifically are able to, but it should not be a difficult task.

99% of the time I never use the program button. It just works. (Although most of my Teensies are 3.x - I don't use a lot of the 2.0 ones.)

I don't own a Teensy 2.0, but I would imagine you could just solder wires to the ground and reset pins on the back of the Teensy 2.0 and connect them to a button that you bring outside of the enclosure. That way you would not have to de-solder the button.

You can test this by just using a wire to connect the two buttons to see if it resets and you are able to re-program it.

Program and Reset are different things on the Teensy. Just one of the many ways that it's more advanced but still appears to work in the same way.