Moving to something smaller


I am working on my very first project and after a few weeks have managed to get it all working on the Arduino Mega2560. My project is using a total of 32 pins(including Ground and Live), My next step is to put it all together in a cabinet. I don't want to use the Mega as it is to big and I would like to keep it for other projects. What other options do I have, I will be building it all on strip board because making a PCB is a step to far for me right now. I don't think a chip will fit onto strip board natively so is there some kind of breakout board I need to use?

Also any other advice is very welcome :)




It is as small of a pre-built "duino" as you'll find.

--- bill

Sparkfun make a "Mega Pro Mini" board. It's based on the same chip as the Mega2560, so you wouldn't need to alter your code. Potential disadvantages are that it runs at 8MHz and 3.3V instead of the usual 16MHz and 5V. It also uses unusual connectors, and needs an FTDI adapter to program.

A number of people have made Arduinos based on the ATmega1284 chip which might be ideal for your application, but I don't know how you'd obtain one of these boards. The 1284 chip is available in a DIL package, so you could make your own on stripboard.