MOXA Ethernet to RS232 For Arduino


I am working with an Arduino connected via RS232.

I am using : Labview --> Moxa Ethernet to RS232 -->MAX323 (to TTL 5V)--> Arduino UNO

I can see the MOXA box ON when I send something via Labview but I can't communicate with the Arduino...

I would like to try a simple application : controlling the LED (pin 13) via Labview. I am connecting on pin 0 and 1 for the serial communication.

I have tried this method as well : But Labview and the Arduino don't seem to talk.

As I use the MOXA, I guess I need to use VISA because the Arduino is not seen as a COM port anymore

I hope you can help !

Thank you :)

And I am using this device as MAX323 :

So I have simply connected Power to 5V ( GND to GND RX to TX(pin 1) TX to RX (pin 0)