Mozzi library help

Hi all..

I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on an issue I have with the mozzi library..

After installing the library the arduino software fails to load up... If I delete the mozzi library the arduino software loads again..

Anyone else had this issue?

Please help


Links to the library your talking about would be helpful along with details of what version of the Arduino IDE your using.

I downloaded the library and installed it in 1.0.6 IDE and an example sketch loaded and compiled okay but I did not upload it to an UNO or setup the Arduino hardware.

It may not work well as reading the website I see this...

Mozzi is broken in Arduino IDE 1.0.6 and 1.6.3. For now, use Arduino 1.0.5.

Sorry for the lack of information..

It's rev 3 as I just got it from maplins a few days ago..

I'm using the latest version of the IDE from arudino site

The latest mozzi library from the front page of the website..

I use windows 7 on thinkpad.

Once the mozzi library is installed it doesn't show in the list with the other library's.

Also if I close the IDE software and try to re open it fails to load.. At all.

How and where are you installing the library? For me I just downloaded the Mozzi zip file (version 2014-08-09-14:15) and from the IDE did menu Sketch -> Import Library... -> Add Library... and selected the Mozzi zip file. Then Mozzi examples show up and loading one into the IDE it compiles without problems.

Are you using an UNO?

What version of the Arduino IDE are you using? Maybe you should download the version Mozzi recommends from here and use it instead.

Yes I am running the uno... Forgot to mention that important bit of


I'll try your suggestion.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.. Much appreciated.