mp Control Project


my name is Mantas, but everyone calls me Milka, so you can do so as well. To be short, I am student of Industrial Design Engineering - Open Innovation in the Netherlands. Currently I am doing my design project and I have idea of creating a glove with a control buttons which you can attach on your clothing material, so basicly on your clothes. You could attach your buttons for a certain functions example to play/pause song, call speed dial or call Siri up. In that package there would go Headphones (which could convert to speakers, although there’s a question how much can headphones convert to speakers.

I assume this is pretty easy task to make, but I want those programmable buttons to be as small as possible and so they would go by one, but you could add as many as you want to your glove?

I’ve been told that probably I’d have to use bluetooth technology, but the question is how small bluetooth adapter can get?

Also 3D gesture sensors are in my consideration. So I’d guess I need 3 sensors on a steering wheel and some sensors on a glove, so the application could detect hand motions and so users wouldnt need to reach their phones to do such a functions by hand.

Also those programmable buttons would be attachable with Velcro. I’d also consider using magnets, but would that work? Wouldnt that affect magnetic field and wireless signal?

Is there any possibility to make wire construction in the glove itself so I could spread my structure through the glove itself?

Do any of you knows where wearable senses fabrics information I could find as well?

Thank you for your responses

P.S. Sorry for my weird explanation, but I am no good at electronics, although I have some basic knowledge about software development.

I found this toolkit.

I think this would be very relevant to me?