MP3 player for book with sounds -how to decrease consumption

Hi everyone!

I am trying to build a children tales book with sounds.

I am building a circuit to reproduce different track sounds (only recorded voice). To do that, I am using a DFPlayer mp3 (Venta de Dfpla<x>yer módulo de mini reproductor de mp3 para Arduino - Banggood España).

My problem is that this component consumes about 30 mA just from the very moment you connect it, and it goes up to 40-50 when the sound starts reproducing. Since i want to use button battery and not AAA, actually the first option of battery cannot last more than 10 minutes with this consumption, so:

I think there is no way to decrease the circuit consumption if I wanna use the mp3 playback with the SDcard, so:

Is there another circuit to get the same funcionality without using the mp3 and SD?

Thank you all in advance!

A button battery just won’t do the job - not even for an Arduino on its own.

I’m not familiar with the MP3 bit , but could you use an Arduino pin to turn it off ( via its power pin ) when not in use and only power it to speak?

Try here

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