mp3 player modul


I am searching a mp3 modul to play a mp3 file after a button is pressed. simple 4 button, 4 mp3 files.

i never done things with mp3 in arduino. is there a simple and stable modul with mini jack?


Check out The MOL-AU5018 model will fit your needs without an Arduino. Unfortunately, it’s listed as out of stock.

The other models are controlled through a serial interface that the Arduino can talk to. The MOL-AU5121 model can have up to 199 tracks. The Arduino software would need to translate button(s) pushes to serial commands to get the job done.

For your goal of four tracks, you need just 4 buttons. For more fun, you could add a keypad and allow direct track selection.

the MOL-AU5018 is your best bet, works like a charm

I’ve been looking for one of those, seems like everyone is out of stock.
So I’m thinking of using one of the RS232-TTL models (MOL-AU5121).
I haven’t decided which Arduino to use for my project (based on what inputs/outputs I need for everything else), I have an Uno, Leonardo and Mega.
A part of the decision as to which Arduino, then will be using a serial TX/RX pair to communicate with this MP3 player.

Maybe I should post this question as a new thread… But I’ll put it here anyway

If I want to attach a device (in this case MOL-AU5121 which is RS232-TTL) to my Arduino, using a serial Tx/Rx pair, am I correct in thinking that:

  1. with an Uno, I will lose the ability to communicate via RS232 to a “host” computer (for debugging) because I’m connecting pins 0 and 1 to the device.
  2. with a Leonardo, I will still be able to connect via the USB cable to the host for debugging, because I think the Leonardo uses pins 0 and 1 for Serial1 but does not use them (uses the USB only) for Serial.
  3. with the Mega, I can use any of the 3 additional Tx/Rx pairs, as long as the device is RS232-TTL and not a 12V RS232?

All correct except

  1. you can use software serial on a UNO

  2. RS232 is 12v there is no such thing as RS232-TTL, it is aysynchronous serial TTL data.

The MP3 module has a slow interface, 4800 8N1. Can use software serial if the uC does not have two hardware serial ports.

The interface is Rx, Tx @TTL level.

MP3 Module.pdf (83.1 KB)