MP3 player project


I'm quite new to Arduino. I'm planning to build a MP3 player as my first Arduino project. Could you give me some advices? For example which board to use, how to program?

I'm not intended to designed it in component level. If there're boards or modules that would be great.

Thanks and regards Bob

Look at the MP3 shield from Spark Fun. They even have sample code.

Could you send me a link?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=cab2d5feb43ebe1&biw=768&bih=946

Thanks. I was just look into vs1053. But his link: says the product is retired. I don't want to design a board with vs1053. Any subsititute?

Read : Replacement: DEV-10628.

Thanks Magician. It looks good for me. The only problem is the price is quite high. $20 would be ideal for my project ]:D

Agree, mp3 is quite expensive. Other alternative is ".wav" shield kit, 22$.

Here’s a VS1053 board at $22.5:
I believe it can be used as replacement of MP3 shield (or has even more features). Arduino CPU boards are also avaliable from this site.


this might help

the microcontroller is slightly different but it’s still an AVR

Thanks rogerray. The VS1053 board looks good, it even has a microphone on it. I placed an order of 2 pcs. The arduino boards looks cool but there's little informations about it. I will use my current board.

I also found another useful product for my project: But there's no card socket on the board. I'm looking for a module with SD card socket, do you have it?