MP3 Player Shield Problem

Can somebody help me with this?

F_CPU = 16000000
Free RAM = 903 Should be a base line of 1017, on ATmega328 when using INTx
Error code: 6 when trying to start MP3 player
Warning: patch file not found, skipping.
Use the "d" command to verify SdCard can be read
Arduino SFEMP3Shield Library Example:

When using “File Player” from the serial monitor I get
F_CPU = 16000000
Free RAM = 903 Should be a base line of 1017, on ATmega328 when using INTx
Arduino SFEMP3Shield Library Example:
courtesy of Bill Porter & Michael P. Flaga
[1-9] to play a track
[f] play track001.mp3 by filename example
[F] same as [f] but with initial skip of 2 second
to stop playing
[d] display directory of SdCard
[+ or -] to change volume
[> or <] to increment or decrement play speed by 1 factor
retrieve current audio information (partial list)
[p] to pause.
[t] to toggle sine wave test
Show State of Device.
Play a MIDI File Beep
[e] increment Spatial EarSpeaker, default is 0, wraps after 4
[m] perform memory test. reset is needed after to recover.
[M] Toggle between Mono and Stereo Output.
[g] Skip to a predetermined offset of ms in current track.
[k] Skip a predetermined number of ms in current track.
[r] resumes play from 2s from begin of file
[R] Resets and initializes VS10xx chip.
[O] turns OFF the VS10xx into low power reset.
[o] turns ON the VS10xx out of low power reset.
[D] to toggle SM_DIFF between inphase and differential output
[V] Enable VU meter Test.
Increament bass frequency by 10Hz

~~** Increament bass amplitude by 1dB
[T] Increament treble frequency by 1000Hz
[E] Increament treble amplitude by 1dB
[l] Display list of music files
[0####] Enter index of file to play, zero pad! e.g. 01-65534
[h] this help
Received command: l
Music Files found :
Enter Index of File to play
Time since last command: 0.68
Enter s,1-9,+,-,>,<,f,F,d,i,p,t,S,b,m,e,r,R,g,k,O,o,D,V,B,C,T,E,M:,l,h :

When I input 1 send I get

Received command: 1
Error code: 2 when trying to play track

Can any one help me?

I’ve tried to download SD fat library and edit SDFatConfig.h at file uint8_t const SOFT_SPI_CS_PIN = 10; change 10 to 9. I can’t find SDFatConfig.h to edit.

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