MP3 player shield stops after 18 hours.

Arduino uno with sparkfun mp3 player shield.

Everything fine but after 18hours the system stops functionning. Unable to play MP3 files.

Error coded 4 during SFEMP3Shield::begin().

Error code 4 = Other than default values were found in the SCI_MODE register.

SFEMP3Shield::end() does no resolve the problem. Even reset does not.

Only power down allows sytem to run again.

Any help appreciated...

Things I would look at:- Is it always 18 hours or does it varie? Is there anything close by that could cause interference like a motor or fluorescent tube? Is your power supply solid and stable? Is your wiring solders?

Perhaps the library has a subtle race condition?

I fixed a long-standing stability problem in Adafruit's library some time ago. Details here:

Sparkfun's library appears to have a similar design....