MP3 playing


So I have a project that cant exactly house an arduino or its MP3 Shield. So I was curious, cause I see so many mp3 shields out there with different things, what exactly is needed to play mp3s from an SD card out a speaker?

Have a look at MP3' Tech - MPEG source codes for mp3 decoding sources.

The sd library is easy to examine.

Those look like decoders that would be used on a PC. Am I supposed to put a decoder on a microcontroller?

No, or at least not on an Arduino. An Arm based microcontroller could probably do it.

I probably misunderstood your question. Are you wanting to build a smaller, standalone version of arduino/mp3 shield?

I found this MP3 Player, How To Use The STA013 MP3 Decoder Chip which might be of use.

Oh that does look useful.
So I would load up a song on the SD and then shoot it over to this chip and then connect a speaker to the chip and BOOM! it plays sexy and i know it?

It looks like you need a DAC too, but basically that's it.

It looks like that is something more so for a pic application or something standalone. Is there something that is more....arduino friendly? or AVR friendly?

Generally, an mp3 shield.

Blech, this sounds like its going to be tough...

What about MP3 Player add-on for Arduino Nano ? Small enough?

Nah, I need it to pull from an SD card.

It has a microsd slot on it.

Yea I just noticed that, even still it can't be in a ready made module since I'll need to put it all on a board myself.

I'm more so looking for a guide that somebody did and put it on the internet.

maybe looking using .wav files.. and making a 'custom' Arduino/WaveShield hybrid board..

there are already 2 libraries out for playing .wav files by author: fat16lib

and I think Adafruit has the schematics posted for the shield to look at?

ohhhh schematics, eh? I'll check that out. isn't waveform only a mono speaker? I wanna play some sweet Sexy and I know it and I don't think it would sound right if It was mono.

Wav files can be, and frequently are, mono. The Adafruit Wav shield only has mono output, but that has nothing to do with the input files.

ohh ok thanks!

Just read that back. It should have said 'Wav files can be, and frequently are, stereo.' Sorry.

oh funky, I always thought they were mono.

Thats good news

You know there are cheaper shields that can play true 16bit strero and decode mp3s from 13 dollars with free shipping check out this:
or here is a slightly nice one with better header pins for 14.50 total
I would recommend this over the adafruit shield any day.