MP3 Sheild Coding Help

I am having trouble getting the MP3 shield working with my code (attached). It plays the test tone that is in the code but does not print any of the Serial.print lines that it should; ie the directory or that the musicmaker was found, or that the SD card is okay. I am not sure why.

Also, I am still having trouble understanding why I can’t get sounds to play in the loop function of my code. I cleaned up my code to incorporate the use of functions however that does not seem to have helped. If I put the musicplayer.playFullFile(“XXX”) line anywhere in my loop it never plays. I have been told that it may be going through the code too fast and not allowing it to start to play which is understandable. But how do I go about fixing this?

Please help, I have been stuck for about a week now and have no idea where to start. Code is attached.


hockeygame-with functions.txt (20.9 KB)