MP3 shield pins on Arduino


Are wrestling with an MP3 shield from Sparkfun. See on many sites that this card is poached on top of the Arduino. However, I do not want the card on top because of the pins I need and the card just needs to play a sound / file with a command from the Arduino, further functions as a pause, play, and so on, no more with the pins To be done.

With other cards, I can play with a 5V, Ground, Resource and 2 data on the arduino and shield enough to play him sounds simply by commanding a command: Play audio.mp3 (This is an example).

Does anyone know that this mp3 card can also wire up with some cables? What pins do I use for this? Rx tx?

It's about this card:

thanks in advance

Greetings Natascha

ps i mean, is this the right way to hooked up?

Here is a page for the hookup.

These pins are still free to use:

The hardware UART pins – RX and TX – on pins 0 and 1
D5 and D10 (PWM pins!)
All analog pins (A0 through A5).