MP3 shield vs Wave Shield

Hi all, sorry for my poor english I'm italian. I have the wave shield and I've discovered that while it plays a sound, the Atmega seems to freeze because the rest of my code does not work... The rest of my code runs well when the shield is not used in my program. Does the MP3 Shield makes the same thing? Thank you everybody

Thanks for the reply. I don't need high quality sounds, I have also short sounds of about 2 seconds. I will try to decrease the sample rate to see if this trick can solve the problem. On the next pcb I will use a separate chip as suggested, now I can't because I've already made the board.

Hi all, I've found another module, the somo 14d. It seems good too I will try it and if you are interested I will post my tests. Bye

In my application the sounds are short but I have a lot of files, about 50 - 60 I think a sd card is usefull for my little project