mp3 trigger+motion sensor

Hello all. First post on this forum. I'm looking to build a simple stand-alone mp3 player with a motion sensor for an installation. From the information I gathered it seems like I could use Arduino, an MP3 shield (DEV-10628) and a PIR sensor. Since I have no experience with Arduino, I would like to know what I should expect (hardware setup/software programming etc). If anyone has some tips or could point me to a guide/tutorial about building such a device it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Yuval

I’ve used this and if your model is similar than it’s really quite simple. If you can code a few lines then it’s really a matter of connecting the arduino, sensor, mp3 module, and speakers together. The volume output was decent enough for my purposes, so I attached old pc speakers to the module and it worked fine.

i Am trying to do a similar project,u got any codes to share? :slight_smile: