MP3 Trigger V2 + Arduino Problem

I have an arduino uno hooked up via GND + TX to a sparkfun MP3 Trigger v2’s GND + RX.

I have installed the Mp3 Trigger library and the code I have is as follows

#include <MP3Trigger.h>
MP3Trigger trigger;
const int sensor = A0; 

int valueP = 0;
int buttonState = 0;

void setup()
  Serial.begin( MP3Trigger::serialRate() ); 

void loop()
  valueP = analogRead(sensor);
  if (valueP < 200)

When the sensor value goes below 200 the TX light on the arduino turns on equally with the mp3 triggers light going off.

So I should be getting audio, but I’m not.

I dont know if the code for triggering track one is the right one or not ?

Any help would be much appreciated.