mp3 triggers servo

I have seen several projects whom some external events triggers music but I want to do the other way around.
Music plays (from 00:00 till for example 03:30) just a single song and at some time , 00:20 ... 00:24... 00:39 , one or severals servos is/are triggered , i hope you know what i mean.
I thought using a counter in a programm but it must be synchronized with the music timing ?? maybe there is another possiblity . thanks in advance.

If you are looking for the MP3 song to tell the servo when to play, then no, that won't happen.

But if you are using the same song over and over, and say that you want the servo to spin at a certain point in the song, then yes, you could have the servo come in at say 00:20 or 0:24 in the song by setting your DELAY for that amount of time, then setting the pin the servo it is on to come on after that DELAY.

You may need to be a bit clearer about exactly what you need. From what you've said so far it is very simple to start an MP3 playing and start a timer routine at the same time. The timer can then control the servos. How well synchronized it will be will depend on how well you set the timing.


i reset a counter when the mp3 starts, ok.
can we do thats all on one arduino only ? i remember to have read somewhere that arduino can not play mp3 and needs extra hw.

That's right you will need a separate MP3 player. The DF Mini Player is one of the best and most used but there are others. Any Arduino can control it and a number of servos.


ok many thanks.