hallo arduino-people! I have a question for you all: I'd like to play some mp3 with the (bo)arduino, and what I found was the VMusic2 by (+/- 40$)

Do you know of any other possibility? I mean: I want to play very short mp3s (pre-registered voice messages, basically: something like "good morning", "have a nice day", ...) and the only feature I'm looking for is "play the mp3 number ..."

Do you know anything cheaper than the VMusic2?

Thanks again for your help Ale

I have seen some voice recoreder / playback IC's out there. You can get a kit that will allow you to record up to 120 seconds of messages and play them back. Like this :

This is only one of many available.



use goolge to search the forum for "viniculum", as yes it has been done and there are threads in here about it.