Mph shift light w/3 led's

Hello to all I want to build a shift light indicator to turn on 3 led's this is to help my daughter learn when to shift my vss is 4000 pulse per mile I need first led to turn on at. 25 mph then off at 4o mph and next 0n at 40 mph then off at 59 next on at 60 and above l will be using an uno
Thanks for any helpDon


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Would it be easier to do by using engine RPM rather than speed?

Does your car have an ODBCII port?

If you are new to all this then get a ODBCII port reader. I use the Freematics, had not one problem at all with using it.

You can then ask the car for its RPM’s, or speed, or whatever else is available for asking, with a MCU plugged into the Freematics, and light LED’s based on your programmed set conditions. Gets you up and running quickly and not such a high learning curve as making CAN buss thingies from scratch.