MPL115A1 pressure sensor integration

Hi I am new to Arduino (uno). I have some experience with C++ but am still learning a lot. My project is an automated distilling system that will read a temperature input and pressure input and then based on those inputs, turn on or off electromechanical valves (actually they are fuel injectors). I started testing out my code and got my thermistor to work correctly. I purchased a MPL115A1 pressure sensor for absolute pressure readings. It was talked about before on the following forum:
I modified his code for the uno and am not getting anything. Based on the data sheets he provides, are the registers correct (read and write as well as all the variable mappings)?

I attached what I have done so far because it is too long for this forum.

Dist_Code.pde (9.95 KB)

So I decided to try and find code that will just make it work. I can work on integrating the code into my project later. I found the following example code:
When I go to compile it there are two issues:

  1. I do not have (or know how to make) the MPL115A1.h library
  2. It does not like the line:
static FILE mystdout = FDEV_SETUP_STREAM(uart_putchar, NULL, _FDEV_SETUP_WRITE);

Here is general program with out the functions:

#include <avr/io.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "MPL115A1.h"

#define PRESH	0x00	// 80
#define	PRESL	0x02	// 82
#define	TEMPH	0x04	// 84
#define	TEMPL	0x06	// 86

#define A0MSB	0x08	// 88
#define A0LSB	0x0A	// 8A
#define B1MSB	0x0C	// 8C
#define B1LSB	0x0E	// 8E
#define	B2MSB	0x10	// 90
#define B2LSB	0x12	// 92
#define C12MSB	0x14	// 94
#define	C12LSB	0x16	// 96
#define	C11MSB	0x18	// 98
#define C11LSB	0x1A	// 9A
#define C22MSB	0x1C	// 9C
#define C22LSB	0x1E	// 9E

// 		 Macros			//
#define sbi(var, mask)   ((var) |= (uint8_t)(1 << mask))
#define cbi(var, mask)   ((var) &= (uint8_t)~(1 << mask))

// 	 MPL115A1 Defines	//
#define CS 8 //pin for chip select
#define SDN 9	// pin for interrupt

//	General Functions	//
void ioinit(void);
void delay_ms(uint16_t x);
void delay_us(uint16_t x);
static int uart_putchar(char c, FILE *stream);
uint8_t uart_getchar(void);
static FILE mystdout = FDEV_SETUP_STREAM(uart_putchar, NULL, _FDEV_SETUP_WRITE);

Any suggestions on how to convert this code to the Arduino Uno?

2) It does not like the line:

Code: static FILE mystdout = FDEV_SETUP_STREAM(uart_putchar, NULL, _FDEV_SETUP_WRITE);

Well, probably I'd say something like "Serial.begin (9600);"