MPR121 Capacitive Touch Module with Digispark attiny85

I’m trying to connect a Sparkfun MPR121 Breakout to a Digispark Attiny85 board.

I want to use the BareConductive MPR121 library because I’ve used this on other Atmega328 arduino boards and it works really well.

I’m trying to run the SimpleTouch example included with the library and have made necessary adjustments for SCA and SCL pins as well as use of Serial.

The problem I’m having is to do with I2C and Wire library equivalent for the Digispark, I get compile errors regarding the Wire.setClock() method which is used within the BareConductive library. These are the compile errors I get :

..../Documents/Arduino/libraries/BareConductive_MPR121/MPR121.cpp: In member function 'void MPR121_t::goSlow()':
..../Documents/Arduino/libraries/BareConductive_MPR121/MPR121.cpp:129:7: error: 'class USI_TWI' has no member named 'setClock'
  Wire.setClock(100000L); // set I2C clock to 100kHz
..../Documents/Arduino/libraries/BareConductive_MPR121/MPR121.cpp: In member function 'void MPR121_t::goFast()':
..../Documents/Arduino/libraries/BareConductive_MPR121/MPR121.cpp:133:10: error: 'class USI_TWI' has no member named 'setClock'
     Wire.setClock(400000L); // set I2C clock to 400kHz
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Digispark (Default - 16.5mhz).

Can anyone help with this? I started a thread in the Digistump forum and was assured that a renamed copy of TinyWireM is included as Wire for the Digispark board compiler.

I don’t want to go in and alter the BareConductive library files themselves but I wonder if I can just override the library functions that make the calls to Wire.setClock(). If this is a good idea, how do I do this and what should I do? All help appreciated.