MPR121 OR FDC1004 sensor - The better option for measuring liquid level


I was playing around with capacitive liquid level sensors and was trying to understand the difference between the MPR121 and fdc1004. Obviously, the fdc1004 is a lot more pricey than the mpr121.

With proper shielding i am confused to what level of improvement the fdc1004 has over mpr121.

My experiment for MPR121 was to have 7 copper tapes around the plastic jar at different levels connected to 7 inputs of MPR121. They were able to give me readings and results were consistent. I havent played around with the fdc 1004 but the breakout board is 20.99, a bit too much for a beginner hobbyist like myself. However, if its worth the buy, i will give it a shot. Just wanted to understand what the community thinks.

Anyone with that info. Thanks

Hello there,
Maybe a bit late but nevertheless...
The FDC1004 can return a value of the measured capacitance so you can measure the liquid level more or less linearly over the height of you container.
The MPR121 can only trigger on/off the 8 capacitive sensor inputs normally supplied on breakout boards.

So depending of how accurate your liquid level measurement needs to be you can go for the FDC1004 (Not available on Ebay yet and quite expensive) or the MPR121 (Ebay - £1.20 ~ $1.50)