MPU-6050 DMP ready! Waiting for first interrupt...


I have arduino NANO and MPU-6050, when i upload example "MPU650_DMP6" and i start arduino. It write "DMP ready! Waiting for first interrupt..." and no more data will begin to send.
I have a gyroscope attached correctly.

I dont knew where is problem. Please help!

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Connect the MPU-6050 INT to Arduino pin 2.
Some modules don't have the INT signal available. If you have a module like that, you can't use the 'dmp' code.

If you have a MPU-6050 breakout board without voltage regulator, use 3.3V to power it, 5V will damage it.
If you have a MPU-6050 module with voltage regulator on the module, then use 5V to power it.

So i maybe have damaged mpu-6050, i buy new. thank you