MPU 6050 fifo overflow?

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to using arduino, and I am having issues with my MPU 6050. The sensor will randomly stop reading values and I need to reset the Arduino Uno in order to have it start reading values again. I believe the issue may be because of fifo overflow but I am unsure where to start testing if this is the issue.

I understand that the default I2C rate is 100kHz, the Arduino Uno runs at 16 MHz, I have a serial baudrate of 115200, and I have a delay of 25 ms written at the end of my code. I am also sending data over bluetooth using the serial monitor (115200 baudrate) but I don't think that is part of the issue since the problem happens whether it's connected or not. I need to use the gyroscope and accelerometer data, I read somewhere that these are collected at different frequencies with I2C?

I don't understand how these all interact with each other and if I have reason to suspect fifo overflow. If someone could explain or send a link to an explanation that would be great.

Thank you!

What info does the serial prints in your code give you during a fifo ovr issue? Is the project locking up and the serial monitor prints out a reason for the lock up? So you just run the mpu code over and over for hours and hours, the rest of the code commented out, does it give a fifo over flow issue? If you don't get a fifo over issue when running just one thing over and over for hours and hours, add in another thing, do the error pop up? Add another thing and so on and so forth till its error time. Id doing the same thing over and over again gives the same results over and over again, time to do something else if those same results are not the desired results.