MPU 6050 FT values and calibration

Hi all,

I also got my hands on the MPU6050. I managed to read all the FT values and calibration data. The thing I cannot figure out is what I actually have to do with those values in order to calibrate it properly or to apply it to my data to get accurate data. I have googled around for almost 4 days but I cannot figure it out.

Any suggestions?

What are FT values?

To calibrate the gyro, most people just average a few hundred measurements when the sensor is initially at rest, and subtract the accumulated offsets from later measurements.

To calibrate the accelerometer, for best results carefully study and follow this tutorial: Tutorial: How to calibrate a compass (and accelerometer) with Arduino | Underwater Arduino Data Loggers.

Quick and simple but less accurate: Accelerometer Calibration II: Simple Methods | Chionotech

Sorry FT are the factory trim settings in the device. I follow the procedure described in the datasheet. So I take measurements with self test enabled and disabled. I extract factory trim settings from the device, but what I have to do with them I would not really know.

Just ignore the internal trim and offsets.

You can do much better than the chip, by correcting the raw data as described in the links above.

Thank you! Working on that!